It's hard to believe this, but we've been doing this for almost 15 years now. This started out as a yearly fundraiser to help recoup some of the costs of hosting a website (it used to cost almost $100 a month to do so). Facebook and social media have made those costs obsolete, but people still like the idea of having a calendar to connect to other fans. WE MAKE NO MONEY OFF OF THE SALE OF THIS CALENDAR.  The price of each calendar is calculated like this:  calendar is sold at cost (18.00 + tax) plus shipping (flat rate priority) and a $3.50 donation to Donor's Choose.  We round up all prices to cover the cost of shipping the calendars to us from the printer. IF you do not wish to donate to Donor's Choose, please substract $3.50 from the total.  We will send donations to classrooms to fund music education projects in the name of Eaglesfans. We've bought guitars and drums and even a bassoon for classrooms needing a little help. We know that music education is important to band members. Several of them have spoken of how band or music classes helped inspire them to become the Eagles they are today.  Since the passing of Glenn Frey, we also try to target projects in the Detroit area.  The only thing we regret is that shipping has gotten super expensive outside of the US. We hope that  the exchange rate makes these affordable for our overseas friends.  Paypal has also changed the way they do business now, so we hope these intructions are clear.

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Use this link: paypal.me/eaglesfans .  It will take you to Paypal.  Send the following amounts for each calendar you would like to order. You can order as many as you like. Just make the necessary adjustments to the total (2 calendars is $57.00 and so on) PLEASE PUT YOUR ADDRESS IN THE NOTE SECTION.

US Calendar  $28.50
Canada Calendar $44.25
European Calendar $51.00
Australian Calendar $51.00

If you would like to include extra to send along to Donor's Choose, feel free to do so and just make a note in the comments.

If you would rather pay by check, please make a check or money order out to

Lisa Mielke
107 Salado Drive
Kyle, TX 78640

We will be placing 2 orders before the holidays. Only the first order will be guaranteed to get there before Christmas if you live in the US, but the second one should get there before that date as well. (we can't guarantee overseas shipping because sometimes these get hung up at customs).  The first order will be placed DECEMBER 3rd.  The second order will be placed December 8th.

Remember, we don't have the calendars on hand to ship to you as soon as we get your order. We will order from our printer on the 3rd and on the 8th. It will take about a week after that for us to get the calendars and get them on their way to you.

Watch the space below. As we get orders, we will update this list so that you know that we got your order. Thanks for participating!

Orders Received


Julie B
Genevieve F
Cynthia T
Theresa M
Lynne D
Dorothy W
Casey E
Ann B
Joan S
Steven H
Michael S
Charlene R
Darlene R
Stephanie S
Andrea A
Debbie S
Sharon W
Scott K
Brandon S
Pam W
Barbara T
Karen O
Sandra M
Michelle G
Brandon R
Daniel T
Nancy D
Julie L
Gloria H
Kathy V
Sherri W
Sandy B
Robin B
Michael C
Liz M
Trond R
Sharon G
Robert L
Nancy E
Kathy S
Beverly Cl
Sheri B (3)
Robert S
Jill P
Linda D (2)
Beverly Ca
Mary P
Mary Jane W
Dennis E
Patricia N
Chrissy M
Andre H
Genevieve S
Marla F
Mitch M
Peggy A
Fran F
Maria S