AccurA Press Event Write-Up

What a day we've had here in Park City, Utah. We just got back to the hotel room. This a short post to let you know about the film and the events that we attended.

We got to attend the Acura Press event at about 4 this afternoon. It was held in a small storefront right in the heart of Main Street where most of the Sundance festivities take place. After standing around for a while, the band was escorted in as flashbulbs exploded. There was media there. CNN, Access Hollywood, Rolling Stone, the LA Times, Fuse and the Deseret News were all represented so check those outlets to see if they air/print anything. The band took questions from the press. I took notes and when I can sit with a real laptop, I'll type them up. Most of what was said has been printed in the wire service stories we posted here earlier. Everyone looked great and was in fantastic spirits. They showed the promo that is now online and that made us very excited to see the film. After answering some generic questions about the film, they signed the guitar that will be auctioned off and posed for photos with the contest winner. There were also a ton of execs from Showtime there and they all seemed very proud to be the ones distributing the film. After the band filed out, Glenn posed for a few more photos and we watched him do some individual interviews.

The movie itself started at nine-thirty and was held in a giant high school theater. Even though we had tickets, we still had to stand in line because seats aren't reserved...unless you are Jeffery Katzenberg. We found seats dead center. We were very excited to see then band escorted into seats 2 and 3 rows ahead of us. Glenn, Joe, Timothy and the producer sat in one row and don and Irving sat in another. Timothy posed for photos with a few fans who approached him

Finally, the moment we had all waited for..the film.

If you don't want to be spoiled...stop reading now.

It starts with the band singing Seven Bridges in harmony from the DC 1977 show...its the backstage footage that has been around for a while and from there, we were taken on a wild ride through Eagles history. Because it's late and we're tired, I'm going to list some of the things that were new or surprising to us and then give some general comments. Some of these things were also different hearing them from the band rather than reading them in print.

People who were interviewed aside from the current members....

JD, David Geffen, Bob Seger, Kenny Rodgers, Randy, Bernie, Felder, Glyn Johns, Irving, Bill Szymzyk, John Boylan, Jackson brown, Henry Diltz, Gary Burden

The video footage was amazing. Some of the stuff that we're used to seeing in grainy footage was cleaned up footage included playing with Linda R, playing at the gallery in aspen, concert footage from 77 and 8o, stuff from the bbc and Kirchener, a naked girl on stage, the photo session for hotel california, some baseball stuff (where Glenn admits he needs to get laid) and lots of great backstage stuff and interiviews from 77. There's also video from a 3e party at a sorority house. There's video of Glenn's high school band.

You will hear the audio footage from the last show at long beach and photos of Felder driving away while being flipped off. They speak candidly and frankly about Felder, drugs and sex.

It really was a remarkable film and were glad that they finally decided to do it. I think we will have to do a podcast to remember everything. It's easier to talk about it than write it down

After the show, the band and producer and director answered questions. Again, I have notes and will do better with them when I've had some sleep and have proper equipment. The band members were hysteical.

This film is a must for every fan. While we didn't learn a lot about the history of the band, there were some new stories and great images (don in college, rooms that had been trashed by joe, don and glen holding giant bags of weed....

Would have been great to hear from the road crew members who have been with them for decades...tony, tommy, Jerry, smokey...they all have stories to tell too

We had a few minor problems with the editing, but the sound was outstanding.

You will love this film. We are so excited to see part 2 because that's what we lived through.

Almost forgot to mention that we were introduced to Elliot Scheiner and Richard Davis...great guys!

See I'm tired. If there's anything you are wondering......ask!!!!