Bernie Leadon Discography


Natural Progressions

(with Michael Georgiades)
Released 1977
Asylum 7E-1107
Wounded Bird CD 1107 released July 30, 2002
Produced by Glyn Johns


  1. Callin' For Your Love (4:31) (Michael Georgiades)
  2. How Can You Live Without Love? (3:49) (Bernard Leadon)
  3. Breath (3:28) (Michael Georgiades)
  4. Rotation (6:19) (Michael Georgiades)
  5. You're the Singer (4:09) (Michael Georgiades)
  6. Tropical Winter (4:33) (Michael Georgiades)
  7. As Time Goes On (3:08) (Bernard Leadon)
  8. The Sparrow (3:25) (Bernard Leadon)
  9. At Love Again (4:21) (Bernard Leadon)
  10. Glass Off (6:47) (Bernard Leadon)


  • John Bandini Brennan (Lead Guitar on Rotation)
  • Brian Garofalo (Bass)
  • Michael Georgiades (Vocals, Guitars)
  • Steve Goldstein (Keyboards)
  • Bobbye Hall (Percussion)
  • David Kemper (Drums)
  • Bernie Leadon (Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Steel, Piano on As Time Goes On)
  • Baron Stewart (Background vocal on Callin' For Your Love)

Ever Call Ready

(with Chris Hillman, Al Perkins, Jerry Scheff, and Dave Mansfield)
Released 1985


Released September 30, 2003
Really Small Intertainment CD RS00303
Produced by Ethan Johns


  1. Vile and Profane Man (3:02)
  2. Volcano (I Identify) (4:39)
  3. Center of the Universe (3:26)
  4. What Do I Own (3:32)
  5. Backup Plan (4:22)
  6. Everybody Want (3:49)
  7. Sears and Roebuck Catalog (3:42)
  8. Rich Life (3:47)
  9. Hey, Now Now (4:41)
  10. God Ain't Done With Me Yet (5:07)

All songs written by Bernie Leadon


  • Tommy Burroughs (Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Tiple, Mandolin, Fiddle, Mandocello)
  • Jimmy Davis (Harmony Vocals on Volcano)
  • Chris Dunn (Euphonium on Sears and Roebuck Catalog)
  • Emmylou Harris (Harmony Vocals on Backup Plan and God Ain't Done With Me Yet)
  • James Hooker (Piano, B-3 Organ)
  • Jim Horn (Horn Arrangement on Sears and Roebuck Catalog)
  • Ethan Johns (Octave Mandolin, Weisenborn Slide Guitar, B-3 Organ, Percussion)
  • David Kemper (Drums, Percussion)
  • Bernie Leadon (Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, and 12-string Guitar; Tiple, 6-string banjo, and Wooden National Triolian Resonator Guitar)
  • Chris McDonald (Bass Trombone on Sears and Roebuck Catalog)
  • Steve Patrick (Cornet on Sears and Roebuck Catalog)
  • Jim Photoglo (Harmony Vocals on Volcano)
  • Michael Rhodes (Electric and Upright Bass)

Songs on Other Albums:

  • God Loves His Children and River of Jordan (on Long Play Bluegrass Gospel, Maranatha 08812, 1991)

Other Groups and Guest Appearances:

ARTIST                        ALBUM OR SONG                           YEAR
Scottsville Squirrel Barkers  Bluegrass Favorites                     1963
Linda Ronstadt                Different Drum                          1967
Dillard and Clark             Fantastic Expedition                    1968
Hearts and Flowers            Of Horses, Kids, and Forgotten Women    1968
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Rare Junk                               1968
Dillard and Clark             Through the Morning, Through the Night  1969
Doug Dillard                  The Banjo Album                         1969
Flying Burrito Brothers       Burrito Deluxe                          1970
Odetta                        Odetta Sings                            1970
Barry McGuire                 Barry McGuire and the Doctor            1971
Flying Burrito Brothers       Flying Burrito Brothers                 1971
Flying Burrito Brothers       Last of the Red Hot Burritos            1971
Kate Taylor                   Sister Kate                             1971
Paul Siebel                   Jack-Knife Gypsy                        1971
Russ Giguere                  Hexagram 16                             1971
Linda Ronstadt                Linda Ronstadt                          1972
Maxfield Parrish              It's a Cinch to Give Legs               1972
Rick Roberts                  Windmills                               1972
Rita Coolidge                 Lady's Not For Sale                     1972
Dory Previn                   On My Way to Where                      1973
Free Creek                    Music from Free Creek                   1973
Flying Burrito Brothers       Honky Tonk Heaven                       1974
Gram Parsons                  Grievous Angel                          1974
Randy Newman                  Good Old Boys                           1974
Andy Fairweather Low          La Booga Rooga                          1975
Danny O'Keefe                 So Long Harry Truman                    1975
David Bromberg                Midnight on the Water                   1975
Dillard and Clark             Gene Clark and Doug Dillard             1975
Emmylou Harris                Pieces of the Sky                       1975
Andy Fairweather Low          Be Bop and Holla                        1976
Chris Hillman                 Slippin' Away                           1976
David Bromberg                How Lat'll Ya Play Till                 1976
Emmylou Harris                Elite Hotel                             1976
Flying Burrito Brothers       Sleepless Nights                        1976
Free Creek                    Summit Meeting                          1976
Woodstock Mountain Revue      Pretty Lucky                            1978    
Craig Nuttycombe              It's Just a Lifetime                    1978
White Mansions                White Mansions                          1978
Bob Gibson                    Bob Gibson                              197?
Various Artists               God Loves Country Music                 1981
Various Artists               Country Gospel                          1982
Chris Hillman                 Morning Sky                             1982
Various Artists               Down Home Praise                        1983
Various Artists               Gospel Cannonball                       1983
Chris Hillman                 Desert Rose                             1984
Stephen Stills                Right by You                            1984
John Denver                   Greatest Hits Vol. 3                    1985
John Hiatt                    Slow Turning                            1988
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band        Workin' Band                            1988
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band        Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol. Two    1989
Alabama                       Southern Star                           1989
Nanci Griffith                Storms                                  1989
Green on Red                  This Time Around                        1989
Alabama                       Pass It On Down                         1990
Kenny Rogers                  Love Is Strange                         1990
Travis Tritt                  It's All About To Change                1991
Alain Bashung                 Osez Josephine                          1991
Kelly Willis                  Bang Bang                               1991
Hank Williams Jr.             Pure Hank                               1991
Marty Balin                   Better Generation                       1991
Michelle Shocked              Arkansas Traveler                       1991
Patsy Moore                   Regarding the Human Condition           1992
Branson Brothers              Heartmender                             1992
Kathy Mattea                  Lonesome Standard Time                  1992
Alabama                       American Pride                          1992
Restless Hearts               Big Iron Horses                         1992
Robert Ellis Orrall           Flying Colors                           1992
Ronna Reeves                  More I Learn                            1992
Ronna Reeves                  What Comes Naturally                    1992
The Remingtons                Blue Frontier                           1992
The Remingtons                Aim for the Heart                       1993
Run C&W                       Into the Twangy-First Century           1993
Mitch Malloy                  Ceilings & Walls                        1993
David Crosby                  Thousand Roads                          1993
Alabama                       Cheap Seats                             1993
Various Artists               Rhythm Country and Blues                1994   
Patsy Moore                   The Flower Child's Guide to Love and    1994
Stevie Nicks                  Street Angel                            1994
Bob Woodruff                  Dreams and Saturday Nights              1994
Run C&W                       Row vs. Wade                            1994
Paul Siebel                   Paul Siebel                             1995
Freelight                     Freelight                               1995
Pam Tillis                    All of This Love                        1995
Emmylou Harris                Portraits                               1996
Bob Neuwirth                  Look Up                                 1996
The Amazing Rhythm Aces       Ride Again                              1997
Linda Ronstadt                We Ran                                  1998
Full on the Mouth             Collide                                 1998
Groovegrass                   Groovegrass 101 Featuring Groovgrass B  1998
Mancy A'lan Kane              Paper Moon                              1998
Mary McCaslin                 Rain: The Lost Album                    1999
Emmylou Harris/Linda Ronstadt Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions       1999
Various Artists               Return of the Grievous Angel            1999    
Matraca Berg                  Lying to the Moon & Other Stories       1999
Judson Spence                 I Guess I Love It                       1999
Travis Tritt                  Lovin' Side                             2002
Emmylou Harris                Producer's Cut                          2003
The Jayhawks                  Rainy Day Music                         2003
Denny Brooks                  Denny Brooks