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E2K -- The Eaglennium

The Eagles decided to celebrate the millennium by playing a show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This was an incredibly big deal and the media went nuts. Prior to this show, the band played two warm-up shows at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We attended all three shows and while the one at Staples was very cool, the energy of the Vegas shows couldn't be beat. This is our collection of everything we have regarding that very special time.

The Buzz

With less than a month to go before the shows, there were still tickets left to sell. What better ways to fill the seats than to make a televised appearance, sponsor a contest/exclusive offer with a major internet force and give interviews to a major paper? That's just what they did!

The band appeared as co-hosts on CNN's showbiz today. Portions of that performance and the preceding press conference were used to promote a contest on mp3.com. (Mp3's were an emerging file format)

  • Read a transcript of the CNN interview.

  • CNN's highlight page has photos, audio and video clips.

  • We've also got some clips from the show
    • Clip 1--Discussions about getting the RIAA award.

    • Clip 2--Discussion about the NYE show and how verklempt Glenn is about it all  

    • Clip 3--More discussion about the NYE show and doing Funky New Year and Please Come Home for Christmas.

  • Stills from the show

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