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The Latest Talk on the Street (10/13-10/19) 

Eagles Live--The following tour dates have had review/photos added to them.

San Antonio

Eagles News

The History of the Eagles is now streaming on Netflix! If you don't have the service, but want to watch it, you can get a free trial.


The Latest Talk on the Street (9/22-10/12)

Eagles Live

Fresno, CA (October 8th)
San Diego, CA (October 4th)
Anaheim, CA (October 3rd)
Glendale, AZ (October 1st)

Private Party on on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego October 6th sponsored by Daimler Trucks for the American Trucking Association's Management Conference.

Som Famous Friends Came to See Joe at the Anaheim show

Thomas GibsonJoe MontegnaDennis Miller












Don Henley Sues Duluth Trading Company

When we saw this ad several months ago, we wondered how they had gotten Don to agree to using his name and song in such an obvious way. We figured there had to be some sort of charity donation made behind the scenes. Well, that wasn't the case and Don has sued the clothing company for an ad that part "Don a Henley and Take it Easy".  This is not the first time this has happened. Many years ago, Don sued Dillards department store for a print add feature a model and the caption "This is Don...This is Don's Henley." Here are some articles about the recent suit.

And here's a copy of the complete lawsuit if you are into reading stuff like that.

Glenn Presented at the Mid-America Emmy Awards





Barbara T: Chideo Walden Sweepstakes Winner

Thanks so much to Barbara for sharing her evening with all of us!


Barbara's Story

 Last night was wonderful. A beautiful venue, elegant decor, delicious hors d'oeuvres, wine/cocktails, and a very elegant and delicious buffet. Very nice youngish local couple sat beside us whose company we enjoyed (table for 10). The man was a little jealous because I beat him out of the Sweep!! (But they were both very happy for me).

The rep from Chideo arrived and we introduced ourselves (a really likable young guy). Shortly after dinner we were escorted to the room to meet Don!! So excited!!! With all the rehearsing in my mind yesterday of what I wanted to say to him, it was "Wasted Time". There were approx 20 people lined up in the room waiting for his arrival.

I was not disappointed when he came in looking handsome, as usual, in suit and tie, accompanied by Robert Redford. Redford was quite friendly and nice. The line moved really quickly, so no one was able to spend time chatting. When I came to Don, my memory has gone. I do remember for sure us putting our arms around each other's back for the photos that were quickly taken. I remember saying that I loved him, not in a romantic way, and he responded in that deep voice, "I understand". When he asked where I was from and I told him (Richmond, Va), he said it was good to have some Southerners there. TIMES UP! I had to move on. Don't remember anything else. But I didn't cry as I had feared I would.

After the meet and greet was over, there was another reception with cocktails and dessert, and this is where Joe and Timothy came in. We spoke briefly to both of them. Redford was not present here, and Glenn never showed. I was never able to get to Don at the reception. He was occupied by others (probably local donors who he knows). Some people were taking cell phone pics, so the Chideo rep told me I could go for it. Got a few of Don and Joe. Timothy had disappeared by then. Don and Joe were only there about 5 minutes or so before they left for another room.

So then we proceeded into the theater and were seated for the concert.....Orchestra, Row I, seats 10 and 12. Not quite as close as I had hoped for but much better than any we've had in the past and at a better price!! First Don welcomed everyone (he is quite the Master of Ceremonies!), then he presented the Environmental Challenge Awards (4) to individuals/groups, then the presentation of the 2014 Global Environmental Leadership Award to Robert Redford.

A pretty lengthy, but interesting, acceptance speech was given. After presentations ended and the stage was readied, the concert began with How Long (yay, a song from LROOE), Take It To The Limit, Train Leaves Here This Morning (yes, Bernie participated), Peaceful Easy Feeling, I Can't Tell You Why, Lyin' Eyes, Witchy Woman (new version), Already Gone, One Of These Nights (love it), Heartache Tonight, Those Shoes (love it), In The City, Life's Been Good, Dirty Laundry (got people on their feet), Funk #49, Life In The Fast Lane (still sounds better than ever), Hotel California, Take It Easy, and Desperado (Oh No, I know what that means   ).

As I said in an earlier post, early on during the show Glenn pointed out someone with a camera/phone and said unless they were a doctor to put it videoing. And then, during Dirty Laundry, Don paused briefly and said to someone up front to "put that down"!!! I applauded  . Wonderful, more intimate concert with great sound; the best I've heard. The Chideo rep remarked to us after the show was over that this was his first ever Eagles concert (he's a fan of a [I can't remember] ? rock band whose shows he's been to 6-7 times) and it was the best concert he's ever heard!! The sound was so tight it was like listening to an album.

So, my book has pretty much come to an end. I have to say that if I never scratch another thing off my bucket list, I'll be quite satisfied. My hot air balloon flight 5 years ago, and the ultimate bucket list item of meeting Don Henley (a having his arm around me) prior to an intimate, best ever Eagles concert, can keep me pretty satisfied until my time runs out. And on top of that is the fact that it took place at a special event for a cause that benefits all of mankind. This is definitely on my list of Top 5 most memorable events in my life, thanks to Don Henley and the Walden Woods Project, Chideo, and the Eagles (for their special performance). 

So, while I was "Busy Being Fabulous", something was happening in my life. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I won that sweepstakes and my path and Don Henley's path crossed for a reason..."I don't know why". I may never know, but he has touched my life (and my back, haha!) with his beautiful voice and songwriting, musical talents, environmental efforts, and just because I believe he is an all-around good person (no matter how much fame and fortune he has). This special time has allowed my life to be touched by all of the kind people I met at the event, as well as allowing me to connect with some very special "friends" (you know who you are) and to have all of you lesser-known group members who share the same love with me to reach out to me in special ways. THANK YOU ALL. (Maybe the crossing paths was to bring us all together ?).


Walden Woods Project Global Environmental Leadership Award Event 

September 16, 2014

Chideo Winner

Barbara T was the winner of the Chideo Sweepstakes and shared her experience with us. We've created a page all about her evening.


Boston Globe: Robert Redford Honored for Environmental Activism

Lincoln Journal: Henley, Redford Drum Up Support for Walden Woods Project



Image from Sain A.From Kevin Mazur's Instagram Account

From Kevin Mazur's Instagram Account. Photo by Joe Walsh


courtesy of Sain A.

How Long
Take It To The Limit
Train Leaves Here This Morning
Peaceful Easy Feeling
I Can't Tell You Why
Lyin' Eyes
Witchy Woman
Already Gone
One of These Nights
Heartache Tonight
Those Shoes
In The City
Life's Been Good
Dirty Laundry
Funk #49
Life in the Fast Lane
Hotel California
Take It Easy


The Latest Talk on the Street (9/1-9/21)

Can you tell summer vacation is over? It's been a while since we've done a talk on the street post, so there's lots to see here.

Walden Woods Project Global Environmental Leadership Award Event

Page we created for the Event

Barbara T: Chideo Sweepstakes Winner Shares Her Story


On the Road

Concert Reviews, Photos, Etc from:

Des Moines 

Grand Rapids




New York

Salt Lake City

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Eagles Happenings

Prior to the Grand Rapids show, the band arranged to meet with the DJ who helped "Best of My Love" become their first number one hit.

Kalamazoo DJ to meet the Eagles 4 Decades After Helping Band Get #1 Hit

Eagles Give Kalamazoo DJ Shout-Out at Concert

Photo from

Joe appeared on the Today Show to assist JD Dolan with his icebuck challenge.

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