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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American community members. We adapted these lyrics many years ago, but I think they are still appropriate today.

(with much apology and respect to Don Henley)

A lot of things have happened
Since we started the Fastlane
Some of them are funny
And some of 'em are a pain 
And we trust you will forgive us
If we say it here on-line
We're still having a great time!

We always try to give the band its due
We tell you what they're doing now
And some of the things they're going through.

The last time we all saw them
They were in San Antonio...just down I-35
We were singing and dancing
We didn't want to say goodbye
For every song, for how they've changed our living
This is our Thanksgiving.

Now the trouble with music these days, our friends
Too many wretched songs are bein' created
Makes you want to change the station
Now we know that putting down One Direction isn't really cool
(especially with our students there in middle school)
People are longing for songs with meaning to arrive
It's too long they've been listening
To songs that sound contrived

We want message and meaning
We want vocals clear and fresh
We want soaring melodies
And harmonies that mesh
For every song, for how they've changed our living
This is our Thanksgiving.

Have you noticed they've got better
As they've grown and aged
We're glad they've gotten a renewed focus
That they've started a new page

And here in this fragmented world
We have come to know
That it's great to have a place where you can go
To discuss your favorite band, to make new friends
Sharing and chatting, the excitement never ends.

And we don't mind saying that we love it all
We loved them in their springtime
And we're loving them in their fall
For every Joe prank that brought joy
For every lyric that coaxed a tear
For every winding road that brought us all here
For every song, for how they've enriched our living
This is our Thanksgiving

For every tune since they got their start
For every way they've touched our hearts
For every song, for how they've changed our living
This is our Thanksgiving.


This is Too Amazing Not To Share

Tony Tennille, Peaches, Tina Turner, Olivia Newton John, Andy Gibb, Cliff Richard and Sir Elton John cover Heartache Tonight. We can't figure out what this originallly aired on. It looks like some sort of television special. It is, though, awesome.

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, TINA TURNER, TONI TENEILLE, PEACHES & KAREN CARPENTER - Heartache Tonight from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.


What Was This Guy Thinking?

Don and Glenn have sued New York area self proclaimed "Film Archivist" William Shelley for cashing in on their product. Here's what's happened.  Mr. Shelley seems to have made a career by screening bootleg videos in arthouse theaters for profit. He has a copy of what appears to be the Houston '76 Bootleg, which he has "remastered". He's also used several audio sources to remix and enhance the soundtrack to said film. He shows these at theaters and charges admission. Rightfully so, Don and Glenn are not happy about this and have filed suit in Federal Court.

Read more about it in the New York Daily News

See the advertisement Mr. Shelley was using to lour people to his performances


Hell Has Been Frozen a While!

On November 22, the Hell Freezes Over VHS (and then DVD) turned 20 years old. Remember how exciting it was to have a commerical video of the band that you could pop into your VCR and watch whenever you wanted? You didn't have to make dirty deals with awful bootleggers to get something with your favorite band on it?

What do you remember about your experience purchasing this? What are your favorite tracks?


Happy Belated Birthday, Joe!

 from Joe's Social Media Sites Joe turned 67 on November 20th. Hope he had a great day!