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Eagles in 2014 -- All the Talk on the Street

While the band was on the road and doing things, we chronicled their every move through 2014.  Here's an index of our "Talk on the Street Posts" which contain every mention of the band in the media and photos, reviews and articles from the History of the Eagles Tour. We hope you have as much fun reliving the year in Eagles that we did.

February 23-March 1
March 2 - 8
March 9 - 15
March 16-22
March 23-30
March 31-April 5
April 6 - 12
April 13-19
April 20-26
April 27-May 3
May 4-10
May 11 - 17
May 18-24
May 25-31
June 1 - 15
June 16-22
June 23-July 6
July 7-20
July 21-July 27
July 27th - August 16
August 17-31
September 1 -21
September 22-October 12
October 13-19

We got a little more organized for the US Leg of 2014 History Tour

San Antonio, TX (October 15th)
Houston, TX (October 14th)
Fresno, CA (October 8th)
San Diego, CA (October 4th)
Anaheim, CA (October 3rd)
Glendale, AZ (October 1st)
New York, NY (September 18th)
Boston, MA (September 15th)
Allentown, PA (September 12th)
Newark, NJ (September 10th)
Grand Rapids, MI (September 8th)
Des Moines, IA (September 6th)
Salt Lake City, UT (September 2nd)
Lake Tahoe, NV (August 29th and 30th)
Portland, OR (August 27th) 
Tacoma, WA (August 25th) 


Eagles in 2014 -- The Big Story...Eagles Reopen the Forum


Eagles in 2014 -- Don Henley...mostly Charity stuff


The Only new Henley music in 2014-- These Days, A Tribute to Jackson Browne (You can listen at the link)



Radio interview to promote the Chideo contest. Contains the story of the Whole Foods parking lot "dust up"

New publicity photo released

Don posted a video on Chideo to plug the upcoming concert


Barbara T. won Don's Chideo contest. Here's a rundown of her experiences.


Eagles in 2014 -- Odds and Ends


Joe appeared on the Grammy Beatles Tribute show


Glenn called the Boomer and Carton show.


Glenn inducts Linda Ronstadt into Rock Hall of Fame

Band members celebrated Paul McCartney's birthday with the Beatle



Fan Al ran into Timothy at a baseball game

Save & Close


Irong Maiden guitarist says he was fired for liking the Eagles

Joe and Don supported Iowa Senate Candidate Bruce Braley (Braley lost his bid for election)

Eagles recognize Kalamazoo DJ who helped them get their 1st #1

Eagles play Walden Woods Project Global Environmental Leadership event

Joe attended the John Varvatos Peace Rocks event in Los Angeles

Joe helped with the Ice Bucket Challenge on the Today Show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Joe Collaborated with Foo Fighters on their Sonic Highways project. Check out our extensive coverage

Joe celebrated the release of Jimmy Page's book with a special dinner.

Former Eagles producer Glyn Johns wrote a book and talked a little about the Eagles in his press for it.

Irving threatened to yank a boatload of songs from YouTube


Eagles in 2014 -- People had their picture taken with Glenn

While Joe Walsh does a great job of posting pictures of himself on Social Media, it seems like the Eagle that other people most post pictures of is Glenn. Glenn had a lot of lunch dates and opportunities to be photographed with others this year. Here's a sampling.




Glenn Frey was the surprise guest September 27th at the Mid-America Emmy Awards in Kansas City, MO. He presented the Governor's Award to MTV co-founder and Springfield, MO, native, Les Garland. (photos taken from Twitter)


Glenn attended the Rawlings Golden Glove awards and hung out with some baseball greats

Tommy Lasorda

Ozzie Davis and Johnny Bench



With muscian Brett Miller

With musician Mark Aaron James at a Hannukah Party

At the Bob Seger show in NYC with Robert Wuhl

With musician Steve Tyrell