Timothy B. Schmit at the One World Theater Austin 12/9/2107

Before introducing his song “Friday Night”, Timothy B. Schmit got a little confused. He thanked the crowd at the One World Theater on the outskirts of Austin for coming out on a school night.

After he realized it was Saturday, he corrected himself and asked us instead to transport ourselves through the miracle of time travel back to yesterday. That’s the sort of goofy, self-deprecating and completely charming humor that Timothy exhibited through his roughly 2 hour show.

We have had the pleasure of seeing Timothy 3 times over the last 2 decades…once for each of his last 3 solo albums. He always puts on a great show and this time was no exception.

Timothy started the show with a trio of songs from those albums. “One More Mile” from Expando, “My Hat” from Leap of Faith and “The Shadow” from Feed the Fire.  His voice sounded great, though there was a tiny bit of straining hitting the very highest notes in songs like the Shadow.

Before performing “Ella Jean” Timothy told the story of how he had been hard at work with Hank Linderman when his wife informed him that she was going to go to their place in Kauai. He was happy to have her go because he was so engrossed in his work. Her 2 week trip turned into a 4 week one and eventually, Timothy wrote what he called this “sappy love song” about how much he missed her.

Timothy was accompanied by a stellar band. Hank Linderman, drummer, Herman Matthews and former Beach Boys musical director Chris Farmer. For his second song (My Hat) Timothy told us that we were in for a treat because there would be a guest musician along for the ride. John McFee from the Doobie Brothers joined in on many songs through the night playing fiddle, bass and guitar.

This stellar group of musicians was joined by an amazing trio of backup singers for “White Boy from Sacramento” (Marlena Jeter, Lynne Fiddmont and Mortonette Jenkins).  These ladies grooved and jived and added soul and harmony to Timothy’s songs. It’s so fun to watch this particular song when the ladies point at Timothy singing, “He’s a white boy…..” 

Next up was the funky “Downtime”.  It’s funny how many of Timothy’s songs are about hanging out at the beach, relaxing, taking time off, having great days and just living. Timothy talked a little bit about “that other band I’m in”.  He alluded to the release of new concert dates and said, “I guess we’re working next year.”

The next song is my particular favorite solo Timothy song. I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it. It is a travesty that “Parachute” was not on “Long Road Out of Eden”.  This song is amazing. It sounds like an Eagles song. You can practically hear Don and Glenn singing harmony on it (the album version features Graham Nash).

The next three songs were Timothy acoustic…just him and guitar on stage. He performed “You’re So Wild”, “All Those Faces” and his tribute to Glenn, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”.  Before that song, Tim mentioned that it’s been almost 2 years since Glenn passed away. He said that he’s used to singing backup on that song, but that he would do his best for us and for Glenn.

From there the show crescendoed to the end. The entire ensemble came to the front to sing “Keep on Tryin’”  Timothy said that was a lot of fun.  They played “Friday Night” and the stunningly beautiful “Secular Praise”. The crowd went wild when Timothy strapped on his bass for “I Can’t Tell You Why”.  He ended with the rollicking “A Good Day”.

Of course there was a encore. He ended the show with two more Eagles numbers “I don’t want to hear anymore” (He tried to explain who Paul Carrack was) and “Love Will Keep Us Alive”.

Timothy told us to drive safetly and that he was going to rest before doing this show again Sunday night (Sadly we’d have to miss that one because it was a school night).