Guest DJ List: Solo Songs

After listening to Hotel California, the Eagles' channel on Sirius XM, we thought it would be fun to put together a few guest DJ lists of our own. 

Here's a list we put together of our favorite solo songs. What would your list look like?

Parachute – TBS We’ve said this numerous times before, but this cut off of Expando should have been an Eagles’ song. The soaring harmonies and infectious melody would have fit right in on Long Road Out of Eden. It’s a highlight of a solo TBS performance and one of his best solo hits, in our opinion.

Hearts on Fire – RM Maybe this song is striking a chord right now with it’s lyric about a “…cold December chill” but this is Randy at his best.

Part of Me, Part of You – GF  This song came out before the Internet was really a thing. We heard it on the radio. There had been no advance warning that a new song was coming out and when we heard Glenn’s distinct voice coming over the radio waves, we freaked. I actually called the radio station (remember calling the radio station?) to ask if the Eagles had a new song. They told me that it was Glenn and it was from a movie.

Long Way Home – DH This cut off of “I Can’t Stand Still” is a favorite. It also features a lyric that we quote all the time… “There’s three sides to every story. Yours, mine and the cold, hard truth” Of course this also features the lyric, “The heat don’t work, the toaster don’t work, the car don’t work” which is considerably less poignant.

Life of Illusion – JW  This Joe song gets stuck in your head and doesn’t leave…in a good way!

Vile and Profane Man – BL Bernie has had an interesting solo career. He’s been in Christian bands and novelty bands. His 2001 solo effort Mirror was actually very good. This track from it is Bernie at his politically personal best.
“ I like to sleep without no clothes
I don't care if everybody knows
You might think it's a sin to ever break wind
But I don't give a God damn
I am a vile and a profane man”

I’ve Got Mine – GF  Speaking of being politically personal, this is a biting track from Glenn about people who worry only about themselves.  As we know, Glenn was an incredibly generous man with his time, his talents and his wealth. There’s that great clip of him doing publicity for one of their tours where he says that he liked to be a “…quiet giver” and not draw attention to how much he actually helped people. It was a sweet and unguarded minute.

Heavy Metal – DF  Some might be surprised to see us listing this track, but it is a damn good one. It also features Henley on harmonies.

All Night Long – JW  While we are rocking from the previous number, we might as well throw this one in. It’s so fun and was covered by the Eagles.

Younger Man – DH  We’re including this one, first of all because it is stunning.  There’s also some mystery about it. It’s one of the tracks on Cass County that Don has talked about the least. He mentioned that he had a conversation with Merle Haggard and got the line “…younger man” from Merle. That’s all we know. It sounds personal, but it could just be a riff on that line. No matter what Don is singing about, it’s still a great song.

White Boy From Sacramento – TBS  This one is personal in an entirely different way. This tongue-in-cheek biographical number from Timothy is just so much fun.

The One You Love – GF  We couldn’t do a setlist like this without a soulful, sax-infused ballad from Glenn and this one has it all…plaintive lyrics, sexy sax and a slow, sexy vibe.

Driving With Your Eyes Closed – DH  Love this song that mentions French writers Rimbaud and Baudelaire, but we were disappointed to find out Don didn’t write much of it. It’s one of my enduring memories from my first Henley concert in 1989. Don opened this show with this one.

All of a Sudden – JW  Don’t have a reason. Just like this song J

Secular Praise – TBS This song featuring harmonies from the Blind Boys From Alabama is just special. The changing dynamics from quite introspection to soaring adulation makes for a song that sticks to you for a while after you hear it.

I Will Not Go Quietly – DH   Everything should end with this song. Just saying.