That One Time Glenn Frey Scared The Bejeezus out of Us....

It was a solo show at a casino in Tunica, Mississippi.

We were up front. Glenn solo shows were few and far between, but we were excited that we had the opportunity to see Glenn in all of his glory. 

Midway through the show, he began introducing "Lyin' Eyes".  I can still close my eyes and see these events unfold exactly has they happened.

Glenn pointed two fingers at us.  "These two....these two...."  

My heart jumped. What had we done wrong? Why was Glenn pointing at us? Why was he talking about us in front of everyone?  I can still see those two fingers pointing down at us.

"These two have seen probably 700 Eagles shows." (he was exaggerating of course) "...and they know all of my jokes."  Then he looked down and spoke directly to us. "Pretend this is the first time...."   

He winked and told the Plaintiff joke and began singing. 

A few hours later, my heart returned to its usual rhythm.