Who We Are and What We Do....

The Fastlane is an Eagles website located at http://www.eaglesfans.com. We've been in existence in one form or another since 1996 (the Hell Freezes Over Era).  The website has expanded to include a Facebook Fan Community page and several Facebook groups.

We started as a paper newsletter, transitioned to a website and now we're doing our best to connect fans with social media.

We've attempted to tell our story in long-form (and one day it will actually get finished). 

In a nutshell, we have a few things that we try our very best to do:

  • Provide news about the Eagles. We started out as a news source and we continue to strive to bring you the most current Eagles news out there. We've had band members (Timothy) tell us they check our site to find out what is going on.
  • Provide a place for critical discussion about the band. We have always welcomed ALL opinions about the band. We aren't sycophants and we don't expect you to be. If we don't like something we'll say so. Not everyone is going to like every single thing this band does and we won't censor your opinion for saying so. That being said, we are primarily about celebrating all of the amazing things about the Eagles.
  • Provide a place for community. We want people to connect and discuss. We've made lasting friendships in this community and we want others to do the same. You won't find a better group of fans of anything anywhere on the Internet. Maybe we're a little biased.
  • Provide a place for content. We've got a collection of stuff that we are always working on sharing. We aren't that much about posting random photos or videos that anyone can find with a simple google search. We do provide one photo of the day, but don't want to clog your feeds.  If checking out photos and videos is your thing, we suggest you join one of our groups (we'll link to them below). We do hope, though, that people discuss the photos and videos. That's where the magic happens.  Additionally, after seeing a number of Eagles and solo concerts, we've had some pretty cool experiences that we do our best to share with you here. We encourage you to share your stories as well.
  • Respect the band. This band, its management, and its support system has been incredibly kind and gracious to us over the years. We've had some amazing opportunities. We do our best to respect their wishes by not posting YouTube videos or video or audio recordings that are commercially available. We know that you'll respect them as well.

So...that's what this page and this community is about. We are always open to feedback and suggestions (eaglesfans@gmail.com).  This community may not be for everyone and that's cool. That doesn't mean, though, that we won't stop trying to deliver the best content and support the best community we can. We look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you.

Here are the links to our Facebook groups:

Eagles Appreciation Group: -- http://tiny.cc/EAG
Glenn Frey Appreciation Group--http://tiny.cc/GFAG
Don Henley Appreciation Group--http://tiny.cc/DHAG
Joe Walsh Appreciation Group --http://tiny.cc/JWAG
Timothy B. Schmit Appreciation Group --http://tiny.cc/TBSAG