Classic West

Eagles will take the stage at Classic West in a few short hours and we aren't there.

We thought about going, but as we posted in a previous blog entry, finances, schedules and the fact that we just don't like stadium/festival shows played a part in deciding to skip this one.

We've been there for a lot of the band's big moments. We were in the room when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We rang in the new millennium with the band in Los Angeles.  We were at Glenn's last public show. We've been there for a lot.

And now it's sinking in that we aren't there for this. Hearing Jim Ladd talk about how everyone is rooting for the Eagles tonight caused a bit of a pang. We are rooting for them. We're thinking of all of the emotions that must be present...the bittersweet nature of performing without Glenn for the first time and the pride everyone must be feeling towards Deacon for stepping in for his dad in what has to be a pretty scary situation for any young performer.

There's a photograph out there on the Internet of a toddler Deacon clad in Power Rangers jammies, holding a guitar that's way too big for him.  His dad's arms are around him, guiding him and showing him how to hit just the right notes.  We're sure that same situation will be repeated tonight (minus the Power Ranger jammies). 

Tonight marks a new chapter in the story of our favorite band. It's a different chapter, but we're excited to see how it all turns out. We're looking forward to the reviews and the reports from fans who are there. We're certain this will be a fitting celebration of what Glenn meant to both all of the people on stage and the people filling the stands.

They are the Eagles from Los Angeles and tonight, despite the tragic circumstances, they have come home to soar one more time. We are all there in spirit with them.